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Picture this: RepStarz is our ultimate dino adventure, and guess what?

These are not your everyday dinos; they're ultra-rare prints and relics, and getting your hands on them is like discovering hidden gems in our dino universe.

It's like, when you snag these rare RepStarz, you're not just collecting – you're diving deep into the heart of our dino world. They're the talk of the town, the crown jewels of your collection. So, buckle up for the most thrilling dino quest ever, 'cause with RepStarz, every collector becomes a dino hero. Let's make our collection legendary together, one ultra-rare adventure at a time!"

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Featured Genesis Collection Items

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Reptar   type 9

About RepStarz

Each Repstarz is inspired and created by one of five in-house dino designers with a computer. Each dino artist has it's own unique style mix and has created a unique universe of dinosaurs and relics with various characteristics including dino type, age, reptelligence, backgrounds, rare sparkle effect, and greed level. each one is unique. some of them are bad. some are super rare. some of them are both bad and ultra rare. each RepStarz doesn’t have a name (for legal reasons) but if you wanted to name your own you can and should

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    Marketing & Development [Active]

    RepStarz Studios begins with meticulous planning and development, laying the groundwork for the creation of an immersive digital universe centered around hand-drawn NFTs featuring enchanting dinosaurs. This stage encompasses the strategic marking of the RepStarz brand, defining its visual identity, messaging, and positioning within the broader NFT landscape. Simultaneously, the development phase involves the collaboration of RepStarz Studios' in-house dino designers, each contributing their unique artistic style to craft a diverse collection of digital assets. The team meticulously curates the initial genesis collection, comprising 8,888 distinct items, including Profile Picture (PFP) dinos and ultra-rare RepStarz Relics.

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    Genesis Repstarz Launch [Q2 2024]

    The genesis launch refers to the first release of the RepStarz NFT collection by RepStarz Studios. This launch is a significant and foundational event for Repstarz Studios, marking the introduction of the Repstarz to the public. Holders of Genesis NFTs receive exclusive benefits including special rights within the community, unique privileges, and airdrops for subsequent drops or events related to the RepStarz universe. This marks the inception of the RepStarz universe, setting the stage for subsequent drops and the introduction of an interactive trading card-style game.

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    Repstarz NFT Game Launch [Q4 2024]

    In the dynamic third stage of the RepStarz project, anticipation reaches its peak as RepStarz Studios unveils a thrilling secondary drop, introducing an engaging NFT game to the community. This innovative game allows RepStarz NFT holders to immerse themselves in epic battles, challenging other holders or AI opponents for exciting prizes and giveaways. The gameplay is designed to be interactive and rewarding, offering a fusion of strategy and entertainment within the RepStarz universe. As participants engage in strategic duels, they not only showcase their collection but also have the chance to win exclusive rewards, fostering competition and camaraderie among the community. The launch of this NFT game represents a significant milestone, transforming RepStarz from a static collection into a dynamic, gamified experience, enhancing the utility and excitement for NFT holders.

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    Repstarz Universe Expansions [TBD]

    In this stage RepStarz Studios unveils an expansive expansion of the RepStarz universe, enriching the digital landscape with additional drops and character expansions. This phase introduces a diverse array of new characters, each contributing to the richness and diversity of the RepStarz collection. Furthermore, the introduction of prize tournaments elevates the competitive spirit within the community, offering exciting opportunities for participants to showcase their skills and win coveted rewards. To enhance the overall experience, attribute complexity is introduced, adding layers of depth to the RepStarz characters and further increasing their uniqueness. This stage not only solidifies RepStarz as a continuously evolving and engaging NFT project but also underscores RepStarz Studios' commitment to providing a dynamic and ever-expanding universe for collectors, gamers, and enthusiasts alike.

Meet the Executive Team

The brains and brawn behind RepStarz.

  • Type 32   bad

    Ziva is the brains and creative behind RepStarz. He created RepStarz to challenge the stereotype that dinosaurs are only good at roaring and stomping but could also be good art stuffs.

  • Og kitty   radioactive i
    Chief People Officer

    Boss Man's Cat named Reptar. Some might say neoptism but the real RepStarz know him as the MVP of this team. 

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